Increase sales and company profits with invex software that can monitor all business activities and analyze data in real-time.


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Upgrade your distribution tacking and delivery

Invex software for Wholesale Distribution will help you overcome your distribution management challenges; to a more profitable future.

With Invex software for wholesale distribution

Our powerful, easy-to-use solution for enterprises can help. Distribution companies need to balance inventory, in forecasting and logistic processes with sales, customer service and everything in between.

Take control of your stock.

Increase your profit margins.

Empower your teams.

With Invex software for wholesale distribution

Your team does not have to end up being tied to a computer terminal or wasting a customer’s time in the field. Invex software for Wholesale Distribution gives you the adequate mobility your business needs, both inside and outside the warehouse.

Features of Invex WMS

It’s easier now, more than ever, to match demand to stock levels. That constant balancing act of managing your inventory is easier with our simple and powerful Invex software for Wholesale Distribution.

No lost sales, no too much cash tied up in excess inventory and no damaged customer relationships.

Customers are attended to quickly

Efficient stock control

Enhanced systems that beat the old

Invex software for Wholesale Distribution makes it easier to track which warehouse sees the most turnover, how many units are shipped per time, who your best customer is, etc. For distributors using Spreadsheets, it could be inefficient and untimely when efficiency and promptness are needed.

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