You can streamline stock management at each of your warehouse locations automatically with the Inventory Management System.


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Manage and control your inventory

Satisfy your customers, vendors, and employees with fast and accurate fulfilment.

Maintain a balanced stock level in your inventory

Loss of sales and escalating costs make poor inventory management a major problem.

Not having enough stock results in stock-outs. Orders come in, you don’t have the items the customer wants, and then a scramble ensues to expedite higher-priced replenishment–or, possibly even worse, you lose the sale to a competitor who has the desired stock available.

Stock-outs carry opportunity costs: the opportunity to sell at the best price and the opportunity to sell at all. On the other hand, holding excess stock carries costs because the inventory you stock has to be warehoused, insured, secured against shrinkage, depreciated and taxed as an asset.

Four ways to improve your
Inventory Management
using Invex software

Systemize stock replenishment

Invex helps you devise a system for restocking your inventory to ensure that you will never be completely out of stock.

Learn customer behaviour

Having a solid grip on customer behaviour allows you to stay ahead of the dry spells and mad rushes so you can work on maintaining the right inventory balance at all times. Start keeping track of how often you restock certain items and try to identify any trends or patterns.

Perform routine stock reviews

Routinely review your physical inventory for accuracy with your records. Know the quantity of each item you have in stock.

Evaluate your current practices

On a schedule, take an overall look at your current practices. Also, put heads together with other members of your team to identify potential problem areas and proceed from there.

Why our Inventory Management software is highly needed

Taking charge of your inventory challenges could be the key to cutting losses (even via theft) and growing your profits.

Effective costs control

Make sure your business remains profitable by using Invex inventory management software in an unstable business environment.

Maximize your purchasing

Automate your purchasing process, including refilling and recording all purchase orders and building accurate data to make important decisions.

Get your stock right

Make better decisions with invex inventory management software about what to keep, how to price, and which items to discontinue.

What can Invex inventory management software do for your business

Invex HR Software helps you to find and retain employees who have good skills, competencies, experience, work ethic and attitude.

Satisfy your customers more

You fulfil customer orders quickly and accurately by having instant overview over stock levels, customer details, logistics and more.

Get paid faster

Automate invoicing and record-keeping processes to fulfil orders faster, and also get paid faster.

Maximize profit margins

You analyze live sales and inventory data instantly to produce quality forecasts in no time at all; helping you hit your target fill rates, minimize stockouts, and get the maximum value from your inventory.

Create time for more efficiency in business

With more accurate forecasting and the automation of many routine tasks, you can have free time and working capital to invest where it is needed most.

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