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Effective and easy to use gas
Station Management software

Gas Station Management System is a complex front-office software.

Provision of control over technological processes and forecourt equipment.

Provision of sales of retails products using various payment forms.

Provision and account of personnel operation of gas station.

Remote monitoring over gas station operation.

Automated reporting over gas station operation history during a selected period of time.

Automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products.

Provision of discount-bonus loyalty card system for customers.

Remote reporting over operation of a gas station network.

Key features of Invex
gas station management software

Storage Location setup (Gas Tanks).

Expenses Management.

Inventory management & tracking (Inventory is linked to a Storage Location).

Impress Account.

Meter Readings and tracking Invoicing (Sales).

Asset Accounts.

Banking Reports.

HR Management Payroll (With Prorated salary option).

Ease of Access to Transaction History.

Income Statements (Profit and Loss Report).

Customizable reports.

Customer Management (Includes Customer Ledger).

Vendors Management (Includes all supplies from vendors and payments to vendors).

Inventory Control Solution
For All Business Sizes

The right inventory management system is key to fostering greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability for businesses. Food manufacturers, in particular, can limit or eradicate unnecessary losses as a result of inventory mismanagement. It can also promote faster, more efficient growth that is geared toward helping the business scale.

Meter readings and
tracking invoicing

Get instant notifications of your meter readings, and also track your sales invoices effectively anytime and from anywhere.

Storage Location Setup

Invex Gas Station Management software helps you to easily set up your gas station storage location for a more effective management of your inventory.

Inventory Management
& Tracking

Your gas station inventory is linked to a Storage Location. So, it’s easy and simple to control, manage, and track your inventory.

The Benefits of Using Gas Station Management Software

Invex Gas Station Management Software has several advantages in helping your gas station.

Less Hassle, More Efficiency

Tracking trends in usage, managing inventory and orders, and troubleshooting suppliers is made easier with invex cloud-based fuel management.

An Affordable and Accessible Solution

Invex cloud-based solution also provides access to constant innovation and an expansion of services across multiple platforms.

Ease of Operation

AInvex cloud-based one-stop shop management software allows you to easily perform all business tasks such as inventory, fuel management and many more.

Saves time and energy

Cloud-based software system is an automated solution to help easy process of fuel management, inventory, retail product ordering.

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